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Vertical ant keeping collage with queen ants, formicaria, outworlds, liquid feeders, test tubes and ant farms

Por Amor Art
Ant & Spider Shop

Choose between 'Ant Shop' and 'Spider Shop' above, and uncover the premium equipment designed just for you. Your ant and spider-keeping adventure starts here!

Vertical spider keeping collage with pet jumping spiders inside enclosures with accessories

Welcome to Por Amor Art - Ant & Spider Shop, your ultimate destination for high-quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing Ant & Spider-keeping equipment.


Our products ship worldwide and are designed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada, so no matter where you are, you can experience the joy of ant & spider keeping with our exceptional supplies.

At Por Amor Art, we're passionate about creating aesthetically pleasing and functional equipment that enhances your Ant & Spider-keeping experience. So why wait? Please browse our product sections, discover new ways to care for your ant colonies & spiders, and create the perfect living environment for your beloved pets.

Collage of ant farming equipment showcasing various formicarium setups, outworlds connecting tubes, and ant species.

Ant Shop:

As ant enthusiasts, we understand the importance of providing your colony with the best living environment. That's why we offer a wide range of formicaria, ant housing, test tube set-ups, glass outworlds, accessories, DIY parts, and feeding supplies, all designed with extreme attention to detail and care for your ants' well-being.

Are you looking to purchase live queen ants or small ant colonies for your ant farm or set-up? We offer select species of live queen ants that can be shipped to you in a fully customizable test tube. Please note that live specimens are only available for sale and shipping to Canada. 

Spider Shop:

If you're a spider enthusiast, we're excited to offer custom-designed 3D-printed glass hybrid enclosures and accessories for various species, including jumping spiders, slings, juveniles, dwarfs, sub-adults, and other small tarantula and true spider species. Our enclosures are fully customizable with different sizes, designs, magnetic features, and ventilation options so that you can create the perfect living environment for your beloved pet.

If you are looking for a cute little friend, head to the pet jumping spider adoption centre and discover this unique species of curios spiders filled with charm. 

Collage displaying spider enclosures, close-ups of jumping spiders, and maintenance tools for arachnid care.

Shop with us today and experience the Por Amor Art difference! Plus, if you're new to the ant or spider-keeping hobby and have any questions, require customer support or wish to provide feedback, we're always available to chat and provide guidance.

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