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Jumping Spider Adoption

Notice: Jumping spiders only ship within Canada

spider adoption shipping status:

Thrilling news for jumping spider enthusiasts! The 2023 live-spider sale season is officially underway! From April, until October, jumping spiders are now available for purchase and shipping within Canada. With favourable weather, our spiders are lively and prepared to become a part of your exotic pet collection.

In addition to our live spiders, we continue to produce and ship our popular "Arboreal Glass Towers" to all locations. Consider purchasing our high-quality habitats and bundling them with your spider for a comprehensive pet spider package. Order now and fully engage in the 2023 live spider season!

Head to the "Live chat & contact" page if you need assistance; we can help you decide and determine if you have the right equipment and spider for your enclosure.

Be sure to read "Jumping Spider Care"  as it may offer some valuable insights.

Phidippus Audax Extreme Closeup Photograph - 3.jpeg

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Crucial remarks:​

  • ​​When shipping live ants & spiders, please select the Xpressport shipping service to ensure a short transit time. Any other shipping method VOIDS all warranty claims on live specimens. Also, please be informed that when your order contains live specimens, we prefer to send a delivery card notice for parcel pick up at your nearest Canada Post location. This way, the package does not sit outside exposed to the elements. You can read more on our "Shipping Policy & FAQ" page. 

  • We only ship spiders when it is safe for them to travel and as long as the forecasted Canada-wide lowest temperature does not drop below +5 degrees Celsius during the expected transit time.

  • If your spider arrives dead, please communicate with us immediately to determine a cause and resolution. The "Warranty policies"  pages offer additional information.

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