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This Mini Outworld Setup Kit allows you to set up a small foraging area for a colony of ants or a semi-claustral queen. Most of the accessories here, including the mini outworld, are the standard on most of our other bundles. 


Pick a small formicarium or test tube set up plus accessories whit this kit to make an easy bundle with all the basics. 


Kit includes:


1 - Mini glass outworld.

4 - Nano dishes.

2 - Feeding dishes with a handle

1 - Tower feeder - metal mesh version.

1 - Transfer pipette.

1 - Plastic tweezers

20cm - vinyl tubing. 

30gr - substrate (optional)


*** This product does not ship with "Substrate" to the USA; no soil or earth is allowed into the United States and other countries. Please select the option "Not Included (Ship to the USA)" if you wish to ship to the USA.

Mini Outworld Setup Kit

PriceFrom C$35.41
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