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Vermiculite is a versatile, lightweight material, perfect for use in both ant-keeping gear and spider enclosures. Its ability to retain moisture and regulate humidity makes it an essential addition to your habitat setup.


Main Uses:

  • Ant-Keeping: Vermiculite is ideal for filling test tubes with refillable water chambers, and hydration chambers in formicaria, ensuring a steady and consistent moisture supply for your ants.
  • Spider Enclosures: It excels at maintaining high humidity levels when placed at the bottom of substrate trays in our arboreal glass tower spider enclosures. Vermiculite absorbs moisture and releases it slowly, creating a humid environment perfect for spiders.


Product Details:

  • Measurement: Due to its lightweight nature, Vermiculite is measured by volume. Each pouch is filled using a 16x150 mm test tube, providing approximately 23mL of Vermiculite fine granules.


Our Vermiculite is meticulously processed to ensure the highest quality:

  • Grinding and Sifting: Coarse Vermiculite granules are ground and sifted to achieve the optimal grain size, ensuring they are small enough for effective use but large enough to avoid being inhaled by spiders, protecting their delicate respiratory systems.
  • Dust Removal: Fine dust is thoroughly removed to prevent respiratory issues in both ants and spiders.
  • Rinsing and Sterilizing: The granules are rinsed with distilled water and oven-baked to eliminate any bacteria and spores, ensuring a clean and safe product for your pets.



  • Water Reservoirs in Ant-Keeping: Vermiculite helps maintain consistent humidity by prolonging the release of water in formicarium water reservoirs.
  • Test Tubes: It helps keep the cotton in place, preventing ants from disturbing it.
  • Spider Substrate Trays: Vermiculite in spider substrate trays helps retain moisture and gradually releases it, creating an ideal humid environment for spider species.
  • Formicarium Chambers: Distributing Vermiculite in formicarium chambers helps maintain humidity and absorb extra condensation.
  • Outworld Substrate: Vermiculite serves as an effective, clean substrate in outworlds, enhancing the visibility of ants, absorbing spills, and being easy to clean.


Why Choose Our Vermiculite: Our Vermiculite is specifically processed for use in ant-keeping and spider enclosures. The meticulous preparation ensures it is free from harmful dust and impurities. This careful processing guarantees that it meets the high standards required for the health and safety of your pets. While bulk Vermiculite may be cheaper, our product's quality and convenience make it the best choice for dedicated hobbyists.


What is Vermiculite? Vermiculite is a hydrated magnesium aluminum silicate that expands when heated. Known for its porous structure, it effectively absorbs and retains moisture. Vermiculite is non-toxic, clean, disease-free, and extremely lightweight.


Unique Properties of Vermiculite:

  • Water Retention: Vermiculite retains water in spaces between grains, channels leading to the grain cores, and the irregular surfaces of each particle.
  • Slow Release of Moisture: Unlike Perlite, Vermiculite absorbs more water and releases it more slowly, ensuring a stable, humid environment for longer periods.
  • Stability in Water: Vermiculite tends to float less once wet than perlite, making it a better option for applications where stability in water is crucial.


These properties make Vermiculite an excellent choice for maintaining a stable and healthy environment in both ant and spider habitats.

Vermiculite - Fine Granules

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