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About Us
Meet the Por Amor Art Team

Original 3D Glass Por Amor Art Logo

So, who is Por Amor Art, and what can we share about ourselves?


Por Amor Art is a family-owned initiative located in Langton, Ontario, Canada.

We have been doing multidisciplinary arts for years, like; music, baking, crafting, photography, 3D printing, 3D design, mechatronics (robotics) and electronic arts. Our Ant & Spider Shop started during the pandemic when one of our kids started feeding a tetramorium colony that had started to invade our foyer in the spring. She so wanted to keep them as pets, and in an attempt not to squash her curiosity (you see what we did there?), we started to investigate how to keep our new friends contained and our pantry ant free. Housing for ants during a pandemic was expensive since there was no Canadian manufacturer, and everything had to be imported, so we started to make our own, which then was shared in the ant-keeping community and requests for a shop started pouring in. About one year in, we started getting requests for spider enclosures which piqued our interest the more we heard about how cool spiders are, and after about a year of working on some enclosure ideas, the spider section was released. It's been very successful, and we manufacture and sell merchandise to Canada, the USA and the rest of the world.


We are a pet-loving family with lifelong experience caring for ants, spiders, fish, birds, reptiles, turtles, cats, dogs, plants and all sorts of insects and invertebrates. 
We are committed to providing quality products and excellent customer service, we appreciate the trust you give us when you let us be a part of your ant and spider-keeping journey, and we promise to treat you and your pets with the most care and professionalism.

What does the name mean?

"Por Amor Art" is an umbrella name, as there are multidisciplinary divisions to our business, for example, Por Amor Art - Ant Shop or Por Amor Art - Photography. But the mysterious words are usually "Por Amor" and mean "For Love," an expression of love and affection in our art and creations. 

Meet the Por Amor Art team:

Ant-keeper and Spider-keeper Yair

Yair Herrera - was born and raised in Mexico. He excelled academically with a strong passion for science, mathematics and living things; he studied electronic engineering but ultimately found his passion in the arts. He devoted his life to music and has become a very talented musician. He became a district manager for a photography corporation and successfully managed and trained other photographers for five years before leaving to focus full-time on Por Amor Art in 2020. With his background in engineering and the arts, it’s no surprise that he creates, designs, photographs and tests all the products available in the store. He is the Design and Production Director at Por Amor Art and can be contacted at

Lexy Leal - was born in Portugal and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She always found joy in the arts; growing up playing the accordion, she too found herself attracted to all things artistic. Lexy has worked in photography since 2006. She, similar to Yair, worked as a successful district manager for the same photography corporation, where they had met and bonded over similar interests. She moved to work as an assistant director in a music school before leaving to focus on Por Amor Art. She is the Social Media and Store Director at Por Amor Art and can be contacted at

Ant-keeper and Spider-keeper Lexy

Together they built their family and a successful business that takes each task to heart and fulfills it with care.

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