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Live Queen Ants &
Colonies for Sale

Notice: queen ants & colonies only ship within Canada

Live ant sale season shipping status:

Get ready, ant enthusiasts! The 2024 live-ant sale season is now open. You can purchase and ship live queen ants and colonies within Canada, including newly captured queens from this year’s nuptial flights as they occur throughout the season. Our ants have awakened from diapause as the weather warms, ready for your collection!

In addition to our live ants, we manufacture and ship our famous ant farm or housing hardware year-round to all destinations. Consider bundling up with our high-quality hardware and purchasing a complete set to get the most out of your pet ant colony. Order now and be ready for the 2024 live ant season!

For assistance or inquiries about diapause, specific ant species, or equipment, head to our "Live chat & contact" page. Our team can help you choose the right equipment and species for your ant farm or habitat. Don't forget to explore our Learning Center for comprehensive ant-keeping guides and insights.


The guide "What do I need to keep ants as pets?" is a great starting point.

Queen ants for sale sp Crematogaster cerasi

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Crucial remarks:​

  • ​​When shipping live ants & spiders, please select the Xpressport shipping service to ensure a short transit time. Any other shipping method VOIDS all warranty claims on live specimens. Also, please be informed that when your order contains live specimens, we prefer to send a delivery card notice for parcel pick up at your nearest Canada Post location. This way, the package does not sit outside exposed to the elements. You can read more on our "Shipping Policy & FAQ" page. 

  • We only ship ants when it is safe for them to travel and as long as the forecasted Canada-wide lowest temperature does not drop below +5 degrees Celsius during the expected transit time.

  • Sometimes a new fresh test tube setup is required before shipping; in such cases, we will send them as soon as they have been safely transferred (usually, it takes us a couple of hours). If your queen ant or colony arrives dead, please communicate with us immediately to determine a cause and resolution. The "Warranty policies"  pages offer additional information.

  • Due to the unsuitable gel ant farms, low-quality formicaria, and overly large ant farms sold in toy stores and other online sites like Amazon, we can not offer a warranty on queens and ant colonies housed in such. We reserve the right to determine if the proper conditions are met in case of fatalities. Read more about "Gel and sand ant farms in this Q&A"

Test Tube Customization

Test tube customization options explained:

Customizable test tube for queen ants and ant colonies

You can customize or enhance the test tube your queen and colony will ship in. This means we will carefully transfer them to the setup of your choice so you don’t have to do the work. The options are as follows:

Water Chamber options:

  • None / clean tube; the traditional plain test tube filled with water and a cotton ball.

  • Long cotton water keeper; prevents the cotton from walking backwards as water evaporates and ensures when using an insert that it has a tight fit against the cotton.

  • Refillable perlite chamber; (HIGHLY recommended); the back of the test tube has a small hole that allows refilling the water chamber as needed and contains perlite grains that have been sifted, washed and sterilized as well as cotton to deliver humidity. Such cotton and perlite are also tightly packed to keep inserts in place against the cone adapter and silicone fitting. 


Why do we recommend the refillable perlite chamber?

Compared to traditional test tubes, we have three main benefits; first, the queen or colony will not have to be moved as often if the water runs out. Second, the added capacity to control how much water is present in the cotton allows us to select the overall humidity of the nesting chamber. Third, the opening in the tube removes the vacuum seal and equalizes air pressure; this means changes in temperature (coming out of diapause) and atmospheric pressure (similar to those experienced in airplanes while travelling) will not lead to water leaks.

** Add water to the test tube as needed but very slowly until the cotton looks wet; add small amounts to ensure no flooding by overfilling; it is ready if the cotton seems wet. It is not advisable to wet the insert underside, as this may only benefit a few select species that require very high humidity.


Insert texture Finish:

  • None; empty traditional tube, ants sit on bare glass and cotton. 

  • Sand texture; the insert has a rugged mineral substrate, helping provide grip, better moisture distribution and a more natural environment. 

  • Plain plastic; provides grip without the rugged mineral substrate; for some species, this is better than bare glass. 


Adapter tubing diameter:

  • Not included;

  • You can include a plastic cone adapter, paired with a silicone fitting, that enables the test tube to connect to standard vinyl tubing, 9.5 mm or 12.7 mm (3.8 or 1/2 inch), allowing direct connection with formicaria, outworlds and other adapters.


Light protection and rings:

  • The longer black jacket + 1 ring has a ring attached on one end and a removable ring on the other; being longer, it is better suited for inserts in combination with feeding accessories. The jacket raises the tubes to the height of the test tube array formicarium, the test tube port and the standard opening found on most of our outworlds and equipment.

  • Black jacket + 2 tall rings, the original short black jacket, long enough to cover the insert length, paired with two tall white plastic rings that raise the tubes to the height found on most of our outworlds and equipment and allow for a heating cable to be passed under.

  • Black jacket + 2 short rings, the original short black jacket, long enough to cover the insert length, paired with two short white plastic rings that raise the tube only 2mm above ground.

  • Not included.

Lasius Neoniger colony inside a long cryptic test tube insert attached to ant outworld - w

Where do the queens come from?

Want to know where our queen ants come from? At Por Amor Art - Ant Shop, we have partnered with reputable ant keepers and queen ant supply businesses to bring you a curated selection of local Canadian species. Our queen ants are captured across Canada and are available for sale during weather-permitted months, mainly from April to October. So whether you're a beginner or an experienced ant keeper, our selection of live queen ants and ant colonies at different stages of development will suit your needs.

Pair your ant colony with hardware from our ant shop, and you'll have everything you need to start your ant farm. Our queen ants have been carefully monitored and cared for since their founding stages, ensuring the health and well-being of each colony.

We're dedicated to creating a solid Canadian community of ant keepers and always looking for new local queen ants to feature in our shop. If you live in Canada and capture queen ants locally, we'd love to hear from you. Reach us at, and we'll go through a simple review process to ensure the quality of your queen ants. Don't miss out on the chance to participate in our community and sell your queen ants at Por Amor Art - Ant Shop.

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