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The Culture Tube Formicarium and Parts

What is it?

The Culture Tube Formicarium is one of the most versatile products we have made and one of our personal favourites, and it is also the most cost-effective starting setup.


It maximizes the available space and viewing area of the test tube, it has a module for connectivity and an external watering system, so it is easily serviceable.

All the pieces can be purchased separately or in a bundle and are expandable and modular. The best part about this setup is that each element is versatile enough to be used in many different ways and complement other products, allowing you limitless possibilities.

The term "Culture Tube" is another way to say test tube, "Culturing" usually refers to growing in a controlled environment or a living organism. We just wanted to stop repeating the term "test tube."

Watering module and notes:

The watering module attaches to the connection module; such can be disconnected to service and refill; the connection module has a mesh on the water port to prevent ants from escaping while service is done. This is a very escape-proof formicarium.

The watering module is regulated by temperature and has a humidity gradient that can be modified depending on your heating placement, allowing you to provide ideal conditions for various species, including those that prefer increased humidity.

If you don’t have a heating cable, a heat mat will works or any form of heat that can be placed underneath the water module. If you are using a heating lamp, ensure it mainly faces the water component, the warmer the water module, the more humidity it will provide.

Any of our 16x125 or 16x150 test tubes can connect directly to the connection module; they all use the same silicone fitting to stay in place; this means the setup can be used for smaller colonies or colonies that already are established in a different tube. Likewise, the connection module can be used as a stand-alone if you plug the tube port and such fits a small colony or a queen in its founding stages.

**Please visit all products and read their description carefully to understand how they work. 

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