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The Culture Tube Formicarium & Parts

Side view of the culture tube formicarium attached to a water module and a mini glass ant outworld

What's the Culture Tube Formicarium?

This innovative product stands out for its versatility and affordability, making it an excellent starting point for ant-keeping enthusiasts. This modular ant habitat is designed to make the most of the test tube environment, offering both space and clear views.


The formicarium features an external, refillable water system for enhanced humidity control, alongside a connectivity module for simplified maintenance. This design improves both the observation and care of ant colonies.

Components are available individually or as a kit, allowing for a highly customizable setup. This adaptability ensures that the formicarium can grow with your colony and integrate with other products for expanded possibilities.

Why 'Culture Tube'?

The choice of the name "Culture Tube" reflects a desire to break away from the repetitive use of  the term test tube,  "Culturing" usually refers to growing in a controlled environment or a living organism.

For a more detailed exploration of each aspect, visiting each product page directly would provide the best insight.

About the Watering Module:

The watering module, which attaches to the connection module, can be conveniently disconnected for service and refill. The connection module features a fine stainless steel mesh on the water port, ensuring your ants stay safe and secure within the formicarium during maintenance. This design makes our formicarium a reliable and escape-proof choice for ant keepers.


The watering module is regulated by temperature and offers a customizable humidity gradient. The warmer the water column gets, the more vapour will be dissipated; this is achieved by placing a heat cable on the underside or directly touching the glass bottle. Remember that such humid vapour will condense in the colder sections of the setup. This flexibility allows you to create the perfect environment for various ant species, including those that thrive in higher humidity. You have the power to tailor the conditions to your ants’ needs.


If you don’t have a heating cable, a small heat mat or any form of gentle heat that can be applied to the jar bottle or its underside will work. It can be placed underneath or near the water module. If you use a heating lamp, ensure it mainly faces the water component; the warmer the water module, the more humidity it will provide.


Our setup is designed to be versatile. Any of our 16x125 or 16x150 test tubes can connect directly to the connection module using the same silicone fitting to stay in place. This means the setup can accommodate smaller colonies and those already established in a different tube. Refillable tubes with a rear hole and water substrate are also compatible with this setup. Furthermore, the connection module can be a stand-alone for a small colony or a queen in its founding stages, providing even more flexibility.


**Please visit all products and read their description carefully to understand how they work. 

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