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Pet Jumping Spiders & Tarantula Enclosures

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Arboreal Glass Enclosure for Jumping Spiders
Duo-Glass Spider Enclosure - Terrestrial Fossorial & Arboreal
Pet jumping spider eating a mealworm inside a feeding jar

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Pet bold jumping spider walking on glass.

Pet jumping spiders for sale?

During the warmer months from April to October, we'll arrange adoptions for our pet spiders, complete with their enclosures and accessories. During winter, live specimen shipping is on pause to ensure the well-being of our spiders in the colder Canadian climate. In-person pickup may be arranged. 

Go to the "Adoption & Sales Centre" to learn more and be ready to welcome a new eight-legged companion. On the centre page, you can subscribe for the latest on when these unique pets are available.

If you are a breeder and want your pets featured in our store, please email us at 


Please note: We ship live specimens exclusively within Canada.