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Test Tubes, Inserts and accessories

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Why Test Tubes?

Test tubes are a versatile and easy way to create a founding set-up for your ants (beginning home). Test tubes provide a clear view of your growing colony while containing humid air, drinking water, and oxygen access.

Test tubes keep moisture in for a longer time than formicaria (nests); this is due to the size of the water chamber compared to the air chamber; so we can leave the queen undisturbed for as long as possible; as we know, checking on your ants often, vibrations, sudden light changes or unnecessary movement cause stress and such leads to queens abandoning, eating their eggs or slowing the growth of the colony.

Also, test tubes are inexpensive, quickly cleaned and sanitized, simple to stack and store (test tube rack), and can be connected using tubing making endless possibilities for your setup. 

On this page, you’ll find various inserts, attachments and accessories to customize your test tube set-up and its connectivity completely.