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Spiderling Nursery Enclosure & Parts

Welcome to our Spiderling Nursery Enclosure & Parts page. Here, you will find the comprehensive ItsyVent system designed to nurture baby jumping spiders and other arboreal spiderlings. Our innovative products ensure your tiny companions thrive in a safe and controlled environment.

What's the ItsyVent - Arboreal Glass Tower?

The ItsyVent System is a complete solution for raising baby jumping spiders and other arboreal spiderlings. This system includes the ItsyVent Arboreal Glass Tower and a range of accessories designed to provide the optimal environment for your spiderlings.

The ItsyVent enclosure features superior ventilation and humidity control. Top and bottom ventilation plates prevent the escape of even the most miniature spiders and feeder insects while ensuring optimal airflow. The substrate tray helps maintain consistent humidity levels by holding moist or damp substrate, such as vermiculite.

Designed for convenience, the ItsyVent enclosure includes easy access points for watering and feeding and secure magnetic attachments for stability and easy maintenance. The glass core detaches easily from the substrate tray for quick cleaning and replacement, ensuring your spiderlings remain undisturbed.

Inspired by the limitations of traditional deli cups, the ItsyVent enclosure offers a clearer view, improved ventilation, and more efficient use of space, revolutionizing spiderling care. This affordable and effective solution makes it accessible to a broader audience, ensuring your tiny arachnids thrive in a safe and healthy environment.

ItsyVent Spiderling Nursery Enclosure with HexaGrip mesh and substrate tray, showcasing a natural setup for spiderlings.
Close-up of a baby jumping spider on the HexaGrip mesh in the ItsyVent enclosure.
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