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Live chat & contact information

During daytime hours, someone is usually available to live chat using the blue chat icon on the bottom corner (please allow a moment for it to load), such is connected to our Facebook business profile, you can also leave us a message there, and we will reply as soon as possible.

You can contact us directly with any questions, information or support requests. You can also call or send a text message.

Join our Facebook group, "For the love of Ants & Spiders" you can reach us directly there, and an entire community of other members can help and connect. 


Join us on Discord; you can reach us directly there, and an entire community of ant-keeper and jumping spider lovers, among other members, can help and connect.


Discord server invite

Additionally, on Discord! You can find new product insights, service and support, ant-keeper journals, a chance to win giveaways, and gain discounts for being an active member. There are also promo codes exclusive to Discord; being a member has so many perks that you have to go and see for yourself!

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