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(Ant Housing)

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What is a formicarium?

A formicarium is an area, usually enclosed, for keeping and raising queen ants or ant colonies for observation or research. Other names include ant farm, ant nest, or ant housing. 

Our formicaria are designed and made in Canada. Most of our formicaria are produced with an excellent hybrid concept and keep humidity in for extended periods. They require very little water to stay hydrated. 


When choosing a formicarium, be sure to select the ant housing that is the right size for your ant colony. An ant formicarium that is too large for your colony can stress your tiny companions, or they will start using the extra space to store their waste and possibly have a mould outbreak. It is better to increase nest space in small gradual steps and slowly expand the area instead of buying the biggest formicarium available. Keep in mind that having a modular format also allows removing, replacing, or maintaining only the areas that need it.