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Pet Jumping Spider Adoption & Sale Centre

Phidippus Audax Extreme Closeup Front View

Notice: Jumping spiders only ship within Canada

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Phiddipus Audax - Close up front face - 1.jpeg

Phiddipus Audax

(The Bold Jumping Spider)

Canada's largest indigenous jumping spider. Captive-bred and reared on an individual basis, ensuring a legacy of vitality and adaptability. Parents are carefully selected and collected as needed in South Ontario. This species is known for being particularly hardy and adaptable making it ideal for our northern climate. 

** Stock is available but not shipping due to cold weather. You can pick it up in person if you can travel to Langton, Ontario. Email to arrange details.

Phiddipus Regious

(The Regal Jumping Spider)

Native to the southeastern U.S., regals are renowned for their friendly and curious nature, making them an engaging pet. They are captive-bred, from a mix of locally sourced parents with others imported from the USA, ensuring a diverse genetic pool. Each spider is individually reared for optimal health and socialization.

**Due to their popularity, these services sell out very quickly; we advise you to subscribe to the form above to be notified when they are available.  

Phiddipus Regious - Close up front face - 1.jpeg

Jumping spider adoption & shipping status:

Due to the cold, we're unable to ship live spiders. However, from April through October, when conditions are favorable, our jumping spiders will be available for purchase and shipping across Canada.

In-person pickup for certain species in stock is possible. If you're eager to welcome a new eight-legged friend and can travel to us, please reach out by email at

Additionally, our "Spider Enclosures & Accessories" are available year-round for shipping worldwide. Consider selecting a high-quality habitat now, so you're ready to create a cozy home for your spider as soon as they arrive.

If you need help or have questions, the "Live chat & contact" page is your go-to resource. We are ready to assist you in choosing the right equipment and spider for your needs.

And don't forget to explore our Learning Centre through the main menu. You will find information that will help you provide exceptional care for your new pet. The "Jumping Spider Care" article is especially insightful and worth a read.

Critical Shipping and Care Advisory for Live Specimens

For the health and safety of your live spider during transport, we mandate using our Xpresspost service. If an alternate shipping option is selected, we will reach out to rectify the choice and apply the necessary charges for the correct method. If you opt to cancel, our refund and cancellation policy will be effective. We only ship spiders on Mondays following the completion of your full order.

Temperature thresholds for safe shipping are not fixed and vary by species. For example, while an Audax may tolerate temperatures as low as +6 degrees Celsius, a Regius from a warmer climate might not. Our team expertly evaluates the weather conditions and the specific needs of each species to determine the safest shipping time and method. Shipments may be delayed until we deem conditions optimal.

Before placing your order, you're encouraged to contact us. We're here to provide precise information on production and delivery timelines, estimated shipping dates, and accurate cost assessments. Alternative shipping methods can also be discussed to best suit the needs of your new pet.

For further details, please consult our "Shipping Policy & FAQ" and "Warranty Policies" pages.

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