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Por Amor Art Ant Shop

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Welcome to Por Amor Art - Ant Shop, also known as Por Amor Ants; we provide aesthetically pleasant and functional products that make ant colonies and ant keepers happy. In Ontario, Canada, we design and manufacture formicaria, ant housing, test tube set-ups, outworlds, accessories, feeding supplies. As nuptial flights happen from April to October, we can help you find a queen ant or a small ant colony for your new ant farm.

If you are new to the ant keeping hobby and want to know how to get started, need some questions answered, or want to give us feedback, please message us (click on the chat icon on the bottom of the screen), we can live chat if we are available or communicate through email or phone. We recommend creating an account so our conversations remain in your profile. 

Join us on Discord! to access information, new product insights, service and support, ant-keeper journals, a chance to win giveaways regularly, and gain discounts for being an active member. There are also promo codes exclusive to Discord; being a member has so many perks that you have to go and see for yourself!


You can email us at info@poramorart.ca or go to the "live chat" page if you have any questions or need support.