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Por Amor Art
Ant Shop

 Specialized FormicariA, Queen Ants & Colonies

Live queen ants for ant farms for sale, start your ant colony today.

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Ant keeping formicarium front view
Ant food bundle with sugar water, syrup and protein powder.
Test Tubes with inserts for ant colonies and queen ants
Adapters and connector for tubing
Ant keeping starter kit for queen ants
Formicarium nest plugs
Glass display arena (foraging outworld for ants).
The culture tube formicarium conencetd as a full ant farm kit.

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Camponotus novaeboracensis queen ant with eggs for sale.

From April to October (weather permitting), you can purchase a live queen ant or a small ant colony for your ant farm or set-up. Live queens and colonies can ship in a fully customizable test tube ready to plug into your set-up; this feature is only available on select species. Click here to read details on test tube customization options.

The live ant season for 2024 is officially open! We invite you to explore our selection of live ants, which are available until October. Visit our live ant section for more details and to place your order.

Collection of ant nests and formicarium products for desktop view.

Ant Shop Message Board:

Welcome to Por Amor Art - Ant Shop, where we specialize in designing and producing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and functional ant-keeping equipment for queen ants, ant colonies and ant enthusiasts. We offer a wide range of formicaria, ant housing, test tube set-ups, glass outworlds, accessories, DIY parts, and feeding supplies. Our hybrid formicarium designs and test tube inserts are detailed by hand with extreme attention to detail; we like to call it "Formicarium Maker Art."

Our products are available for shipping worldwide, and we are based in Ontario, Canada. We are continuously testing and developing new products and fun ideas. 

Photo showing packages from Por Amor Art.

Our user-friendly website features a prominent top header menu that provides easy access to all our product sections. The homepage boasts a dynamic product gallery that showcases our latest offerings, while each category page offers a comprehensive display of our complete product library.​ Remember to sign up to keep a record of your account details, such as orders, tracking information, chat history, rewards, and more. 

If you are new to the ant-keeping hobby, need guidance, have questions, or require customer support, visit our "live chat & contact info" page to connect with our team. This is the perfect place for you to get the help you need.

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