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Duo & Tri Glass Spider Enclosures
Tarantula Shopping Notes & options

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The “Duo & Tri glass enclosures” are for species that require substrate. Such as tarantulas that are either terrestrial, fossorial, semi-arboreal or arboreal. In addition, this enclosure can serve as a vivarium for various critters, like isopods, small reptiles, roaches, etc. The shopping notes on this page will help you understand the options and decide between the Duo & Tri styles. TIP: We have a general guide that helps determine the dimensions of your enclosure, amount of ventilation and depth of the substrate; it’s in the "size and style enclosure guide.”

Glass tarantula enclousures with ample cross ventilation

What is the difference between the Duo & Tri enclosures?

The term "Duo & Tri" refers to the number of glass panels. More glass walls provide excellent illumination, visibility and a stepper humidity gradient. Two opposite plastic walls increase considerable cross-ventilation through the event lines. 

Both enclosures have a Dual lid system with a removable glass portion and a ventilated rim fixed with magnets. In addition, both enclosures have the option for a magnetic side door and customizable ventilation ranging from 25% to 100% from top to bottom. 

It features a dual-lid ventilated system with a removable glass portion, customizable ventilation, and glass viewing panels. 

Duo-Glass Spider Enclosure
Spider enclosure ventilated removable top lid.

Head over to the arboreal glass tower notes page to read an explanation of how ventilation lines differ from ventilation holes and how they can provide a more ventilation area. Our enclosure size & type guide also covers useful ventilation information. 

Cross-ventilation flows between the side panels and the top lid vents; the Tri enclosure has a stepper ventilation and humidity gradient that changes as you move away from the ventilated wall, similar to the glass reptile enclosures with a top mesh and a vent section under the front door. The Duo style features the most ventilation possible, as air can exit from the top and opposite sides. 

Differences with the Arboreal glass towers:

The arboreal glass towers are for species that do not need substrate in their current life stage. Some spiders in the hobby fall into that category, like jumping spiders. But for example, some arboreal tarantulas tend to need substrate as spiderlings or juveniles and less as they become adults; some always need substrate even as adults, and for such, the Tri & Duo enclosures are better.

The glass towers only have one form or shape and six dimensions (tall with a smaller square bottom); the Tri & Duo enclosures can be a cube, a tall or a wide rectangle; between the two Tri & Duo enclosures, there are over 1,000 possible proportions and sizes options.

The Tri & Duo enclosure does not have a removable bottom tray but features customizable ventilation wall panels.

If you need assistance or have more questions regarding our products, please head to the contact page chat; we are happy to help.