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These connectors are handy as they allow all of our products to interconnect easily, as doing sharp turns and corners with vinyl tubing is pretty hard without kinking. Customize your setup with tunnels and multiple ways for ants to travel.


Our connectors allow you to keep your colonies compact if you have limited space for your collection of little ladies, or they allow you to expand the travel area for your ants to get from nest to outworld


**If you are looking for "cone adapters" for test tubes, click here.


You can build simple ideas or as complicated ones; for example, combine an outworld with a cone adapter and a test tube, add an insert, and you get a perfect starting set up at a very reasonable price... or make a test tube array using Ts, adding one at a time slowly until the size of the colony justifies a bigger formicarium, you get the idea, etc. Connecting between test tubes and different vinyl tubing is one of the easiest ways to expand your colonies slowly.


L, T and X connectors shape and expand the direction you want to go. 


We offer silicone tubing on our "Cone Adapter and Silicone Tubing" product page; we like to use 1.5 cm lengths to create test-tube water towers in combination with  "T" connectors; see photos for examples; this is why we offer "T" connectors with 14, 15 or 18 mm diameter on the side for silicone tubing that fits the inside diameter of test tubes, silicone tubing is very soft and grips tightly onto the inside walls. 


*** If you use "T" adapters with a test tube, you will need "silicone tubing."


14 mm silicone tubing flushes securely into our 15 mm O.D. test tubes (not tight on 16 mm tubes).


15 mm silicone tubing flushes securely into our 16 mm O.D. test tubes.


18 mm silicone tubing flushes securely into our 18 mm O.D. test tubes.


For example, "T - 9.5 through / 14 side" means the two opposite openings on the T are 9.5 mm (straight through line), and the side opening is 14 mm.



Dimension KEY for standard tubing outside diameters: 


9.5 mm = 3/8 inch

12.7 mm = 1/2 inch

14.3 mm = 9/16 inch

15.9 mm = 5/8 inch

Connectors for Tubing

PriceFrom C$3.63
  • All connectors and adapters are printed using PLA PRO tough plastic.

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