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Camponotus Herculeanus, also known as Hercules ant, is a truly majestic species known for its large size and powerful jaws. It is a widespread species in Canada; it is easy to find and relatively well suited for beginners; they have been observed on trees, rotten wood, and under rocks.


As the name points out, "Herculeanus," meaning big, queen, measures 14 to 18 mm in length.


Camponotus Herculeanus is a slow-growing species and easy to keep and is very big and beautiful to observe; they love sweets and like to have a heating spot on their set-up. 


This species requires LOW humidity (they like gradients), and our hybrid formicaria will need very little water. They can fit through 9.5 mm tubing, and it is preferred during the founding stage to create a smaller chamber entrance; once the colony is more extensive and they have more traffic on their formicarium entrance, then it is wise to use 12.7 mm tubing.


You can customize or enhance the test tube your queen and colony will ship in; head over to the "Live Queen Ants" page to read the details on each item.


Live ants ONLY SHIP within CANADA.

Camponotus Herculeanus (Hercules Ant)

PriceFrom C$25.00
  • Work in progress, coming soon.

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