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The Black Display Rack is a versatile and convenient organization tool designed for test tubes. With its sleek black design and excellent visibility, it is an ideal solution for organizing and displaying your test tubes elegantly.


Our Black Display Rack is available in sets of 3, 6, and 9 tubes to accommodate the most commonly found test tube sizes. The rack is made with black PLA PRO plastic, which is durable and easy to clean.


You can place it on a heating mat or run a heating cable under it. However, it is recommended to heat the front only and not the entire test tube, especially the water portion, as ants prefer a heat gradient. 


When ordering, it's important to select your dimensions carefully. First, select your preferred outside diameter, followed by the length and the number of tubes to display. If you need to start over, refresh the page so all options appear again.


Please note that test tubes are not included with the Black Display Rack. Also, please do not heat the plastic more than 50 celsius as this can cause deformation and excessive heat to your ant colonies. 

The Black Display Rack

PriceFrom C$7.78
  • We produce racks for the following most commonly found test tube sizes. 


    Outside Diameter x Length in mm:










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