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These elevated feeding dishes are incredibly practical, and make more efficient use of space in the outworlds by maximizing the surface area,  another advantage is being able to place them down into the outside world without accidentally crushing ants, specially in small, tight or congested areas.


All experienced ant keepers agree that using a feeding dish in your out-world is key to preventing mould as you protect your surfaces from absorbing organic materials as well as making cleanup easier, using a feeding dish will extend the life of your foraging habitat dramatically as well as facilitating the introduction and removal of food.


We recommend using cotton to prevent smaller species from drowning when using liquids, this allows for the liquids to be absorbed on the fibres enabling ants to walk and reach the food without falling into it.


Made with sturdy ABS plastic, can withstand hot water.

Elevated Feeding Dish

  • Dimensions: 36 mm diameter x 20 mm height


    Weight: 3 grams


    Material: ABS plastic

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