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This insect aspirator, also called a pooter, provides an easy way to catch live queen ants, workers, brood or other insects. 


It uses two vinyl tubes; one is used to create a vacuum using your mouth and lungs suction force, and the other end is used to suck up ants safely without damaging them; the ants are contained in the jar, and the insect aspirator lid includes a very fine metal mesh filter to protect you from inhaling insects and particles, it can be cleaned easily with running water. 


UPDATE: We also now include a small filter disc made with "Hammock Filtrete - Furnace Filter" material to stop even smaller dust particles. It can be used stand-alone or combined with the included metal mesh. You can easily fabricate more as needed.


Before using the insect aspirator, please ensure the "IN" or suctioning tube reaches at least halfway down the jar so there is enough distance from the filter mesh port; this will ensure insects are deposited at the bottom of the jar, the tube that goes into your mouth is the one connected to the metal mesh filter assembly. 


We recommend using a short length of tubing on the insect aspirator suction side to allow ants to travel a short distance; on the mouth end, use a tube as long as you need to be able to handle the jar while creating suction.


If you already have a mason jar with a standard 70 mm diameter LID and vinyl tubing, you can buy the aspirator adaptor (lid) individually, choose the "Aspirator lid" option; such jars are very common, and this means you can make your insect aspirator as big or small as you want by changing the jar. Also, you can bring as many jars with you so you keep different catches on each jar while using the same aspirator lid.


We also offer a complete set including an aspirator lid, 90CM of tubing and a 250ml mason jar (10 cm tall); choose the  "Aspirator Lid w/ jar and tubing" option. 


Available for 9.5 mm (3/8") or 12.7 mm (1/2") vinyl tubing. 


Click here to watch a YouTube video from the "Ant Network - Using Insect Aspirators | Ant Keeping 101."


***Not recommended for ant species that spray formic acid as this will result in a very uncomfortable experience when inhaled; we have tested with success attaching a small portable vacuum cleaner on the suction end instead of using our lungs for such species, but it was not a very practical solution. 

Insect Aspirator - Pooter

PriceFrom C$5.68
  • Made with black PLA PRO sturdy plastic, clean under tap water and gentle soap, it is NOT dishwasher safe.  


    Weight: "Aspirator lid" 8.1 grams // "Aspirator Lid w/ jar and tubing" 256 grams. 


    Lid dimensions:  67 mm diameter, 13 mm height +/- 5%

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