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Attention all jumping spider enthusiasts! Are you looking for a way to add some excitement to your spider's enclosure? Look no further than Jumper's Perches!


Crafted with your spider's comfort and entertainment in mind, Jumper's Perches are the ultimate way to add decoration and spruce up your jumping spider's living space. With their sleek, minimalist design and easy-to-use magnetic mounting, they're the perfect addition to any spider habitat.


But Jumper's Perches aren't just for looks - they're also a great way to keep your jumping spider active and healthy. With their sturdy construction and ample surface area, your spider can jump, climb, and explore to their heart's content, getting the exercise they need to stay fit and happy.


And with their versatile design, Jumper's Perches are perfect for jumping spiders of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're the proud owner of a tiny jumper or a bold and adventurous species, Jumper's Perches are sure to be a hit.


So if you're ready to take your jumping spider's living space to the next level, order Jumper's Perches today and watch as your spider bounces with joy!


Size reference (measured from the right angle corner):

Small: 2 x 2 cm 

Medium: 4 x 4 cm

Large: 6 x 6 cm

X-Large: 8 x 8 cm


We highly recommend selecting a perch with dimensions that are equal to or less than half the width of the wall on which it will be installed. For instance, if you have a side panel measuring 16cm in width, we advise using a perch with 8 x 8cm or smaller dimensions. Similarly, for an enclosure with a side panel width of 9cm, we suggest opting for a perch measuring 4 x 4cm or smaller in size.


Jumper's Perches - Enclosure Decoration

PriceFrom C$4.84
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