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The tower-style features a slim round design with a bottom dish; the liquid is fed through a removable and elevated stainless steel fine mesh and accessed by two large entrances. These feeders do very well with runny, watery liquids. However, we recommend the "Moat style feeder" to supply thick fluids.


Fill the jar to the top, ensure the mesh circle is flat and well centred in place, not bitting the sidewall, twist the cap in; turn the glass jar upside down, it won't spill. 


  • Standard thread makes it easy to use and fits other readily available glass jars.
  • One feeder lid fits all three standard glass jar sizes we offer.
  • Liquid access is located on the ceiling, making it hard for ants to place debris on it. 
  • The liquid is supplied through a stainless steel mesh screen; this mesh has a very fine pore that delivers fluids but makes it hard for spills to happen. 
  • It features a built-in dish on its bottom to keep small spills contained; if fermentation (gassing) or heat expansion occurs, the liquid will slowly drop, sliding on the inside walls, getting collected rather than spilling out. So you have enough time to notice and remove the feeder before a bigger mess occurs. 
  • Made with PLA pro plastic, rinse under tap water with gentle soap.


*** The 5 mL (small) option fits inside our mini glass outworld. We suggest the "Nano tower feeder" if you need an even smaller option.


*** We recommend installing the lid on the jar and turning it into position only when the liquid supplied is at/or above room temperature; cold temperatures cause gas expansion as they reach room temperature, possibly causing a small leak onto the bottom dish. 


*** If the stainless steel mesh screen gets damaged or lost, you can instead use a small piece of cotton inserted on the bottleneck and screw the plastic part in place; this unit has a long life.

Tower Feeder - Metal Mesh

PriceFrom C$5.84
  • Assembled Height:

    Small; 40 mm

    Medium; 60 mm

    Large; 75 mm


    Cap diameter: 22.5 mm  

    Cap only height: 19 mm



    Small; 9 grams

    Medium; 13 grams

    Large; 16 grams


    Material: Glass jar, stainless steel metal mesh and PLA Pro plastic


    Wash with soapy cold/warm water. Rinse thoroughly.

    Not dishwasher safe.

    Do not over-tighten the glass bottle onto the feeding lid, this is not necessary.

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