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The magnetic dishes are a great way to add functionality and style to your enclosure; they are the perfect size for jumping spiders.


Like the feeding dishes, they allow you to place the food (especially small baby mealworms) inside the enclosure while preventing the live feeders from touching or burrowing in the substrate (at least it buys you time); they also make it easier for the spider to notice and locate their prey. Alternatively, use them upside down as ledges or steps to provide a flat surface to rest.


The small dish measures 20x20mm, while the large plate measures 20x34 mm; both are 9mm deep.


Each dish comes with magnets pre-attached; and includes the necessary magnets to be attached to the enclosure. 


Please, do not let the magnets snap into place as this could cause the glass to crack; the magnets used are powerful, so it is best to slide them gently into position. 


If you want a custom size or shape, please get in touch with us so we can send you a quote.

Magnetic Feeding Dish

PriceFrom C$4.43
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