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These magnets are made of rare earth neodymium material plated with nickel to prevent corrosion as much as possible. 


Measure 8mm in diameter by 2.5mm in height. 


The neodymium magnet 8x2.5mm has an estimated pull of 1500 grams. 


Compared to the 3mm version, this magnet is recommended for use on glass surfaces as it is slightly less potent than the 3mm height version. In addition, we suggest this magnet if you want to attach accessories to the arboreal glass tower enclosure.


These magnets are powerful; please handle them with care. Do not let them snap into place, as the impact can cause the glass to break; it is best to slide them into position and always hold them with your fingers rather than let them loose (they can jump unpredictably to the closest magnet or metal surface). 


If you are interested in placing a large order, depending on the volume, we may be able to give a discount; let us know what you need by emailing for more details. 

Neodymium Magnet 8x2.5mm

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