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Meet your intricate care, maintenance, and decoration needs with our Precision Tweezers. Each 12cm metal tweezer is meticulously crafted to be light in hand, ensuring comfort and precision for delicate tasks. Whether you're an an-keeper, a spide-keeper, or an enclosure decorator, these tweezers are tailored for precision.

Our Precision Tweezers come in four distinct tip styles, each available for individual purchase or as a set. This variety allows you to choose the perfect tool for your specific task, ensuring maximum precision and efficiency.

Curved Tweezers:

Curved for precision, these tweezers are ideal for reaching into tight spots.


Classic Tweezers:

Straight, slanted tips for precise gripping and handling.


Cross-Locking Tweezers:

Self-holding design for a secure grip on small objects.


Wide-Grip Tweezers:

Broad tips for stable handling of more oversized items.


Consider the complete collection for a comprehensive toolkit that covers all your precision needs. You can enhance your precision and efficiency with the right tool for every task.

Precision Tweezers - Four Tip Styles

PriceFrom C$3.00
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