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Are you tired of your jumping spider feeling like they're stuck on the ground floor? Give them a leg up with The Spider's Climb! an elegant decorative ladder for jumpers.


Crafted with the finest white 3D printed filament and featuring a sleek, minimalist design, The Spider's Climb is the ultimate way to elevate your spider's living space. With easy-to-use magnets for effortless installation, you'll have your spider climbing to new heights in no time.


But The Spider's Climb isn't just for looks - it's also a great way to keep your spider active and healthy. With its sturdy rungs and durable construction, your spider can climb and explore to their heart's content, getting the exercise they need to stay happy and fit.


And let's face it - there's just something satisfying about watching a spider climb a ladder. Whether you're looking for a cool new decoration for your spider enclosure or just want to keep your eight-legged friend entertained, The Spider's Climb is the way to go.


So don't let your spider be a ground-dweller any longer - order The Spider's Climb today and give them the opportunity to climb to new heights!


Size reference (measured from the overall vertical height):


All ladders have a width of 24 mm and a step height (rise) of 14 mm. The total dimensions of each staircase vary depending on the number of steps.

Small: 4 steps, 76 mm tall.

Medium: 6 steps, 108 mm tall.

Large: 8 steps, 138 mm tall.


TIP: The measurement that matters the most is how long. 

Spider's Climb - Decorative Ladder

PriceFrom C$5.14
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