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Enhance your arboreal spider enclosure's humidity control with our Magnetic Substrate Tray, a versatile and easy-to-use accessory. This detachable tray, which can be securely attached using magnets, holds inert or inorganic materials that absorb and retain moisture, creating a humidity buffer for your enclosure.


The tray has a convenient watering hole on the side, allowing you to rehydrate the substrate with a pipette without disturbing your spider. Suitable for use with materials such as coconut fibre, moss, coarse sand (no dust), wet cotton, or paper towels, the tray promotes a healthy environment for your spider while minimizing the risk of mould and bacterial growth.


Please be advised that the 3mm-wide watering hole in the tray of this product may allow small juvenile or baby-jumping spiders to escape. It is strongly recommended to either ensure the tray is filled with enough substrate to keep the hole permanently covered, thus preventing escapes, or if you choose to use an empty tray, plug the hole with a small portion of cotton fibres or a similar material. Following these guidelines will help maintain the functionality and security of your product.


Easy to clean and replace, the Magnetic Substrate Tray offers a practical solution for maintaining ideal humidity levels in your arboreal enclosure. Customize your spider's habitat by adding this essential accessory to your setup, ensuring their well-being and comfort.

Elevate the versatility of your arboreal spider enclosure by seamlessly combining the Magnetic Substrate Tray with the Light Edition's ventilated plastic bottom, or with the Standard Edition's plastic ventilated top, thanks to the compatible magnets. This innovative setup provides the perfect balance of humidity and airflow, ensuring an ideal environment tailored to your spider's needs. Discover the endless possibilities and customization options with our range of enclosure accessories.


The tray measurement options correspond to the last two numbers of your enclosure size choice; (W x D, width by depth).


Magnetic Substrate Tray for Arboreal Enclosures

PriceFrom C$6.48
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