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Our substrate is graded and uniformly screened for medium-small granules, thoroughly washed to remove fine dust "sandy" particles and dirt, and oven-baked at 120 °C to kill mould spores and bacteria. Non-toxic and inert. This substrate is easy to clean and rearrange; it has a beautiful texture and looks. 


It is safe for spider enclosures and for ants to bring into their formicarium if they need to customize their chambers. In addition, this substrate does not absorb or retain humidity for to long like soil, ensuring the outworld is as dry as possible to prevent ants from nesting or digging there.


We can describe it as made out of small tiny rocks instead of dusty sand; each grain is relatively dense, which is why ants can use it for some purposes but do not tend to build nesting structures with it as it does not tend to clump or stick together. When used inside our spider enclosures, it can help keep and distribute moisture, especially if mixed with perlite or vermiculite.


This substrate often comes included or as an add-on with some of our products; we have it available independently for your convenience.


You can use this substrate inside enclosures, nests, test tube setups, outworlds, formicaria, etc.; it is easy to provide your queen or colony with texture or elements to customize and arrange their spaces.


*** This product does not ship to the USA; no soil or earth is allowed into the United States.

Substrate (Washed and Oven-Baked)

PriceFrom C$2.79
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