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The name says it all; this is the miniature version of the Cave 2.0 ant formicarium. Smaller but the same features like; a discrete watering system, a gray textured mineral substrate that changes tone with moisture, and top and front glass window openings with excellent visibility so that light can enter one side so observation, photography or filming can happen on the other.


The mini Cave 2.0 is best for small ant colonies coming out of test tube setups; large species like Camponotus or hardy species could use this nest in their founding stages. 


A heat cable canal runs on the underside; It is recommended to use low heat cables under 15 watts and regulate the cable temperature to a constant range between 25 and 31 degrees Celsius. 


You have the option to add on pre-cut high-light transmission red films and or black-out plastic lids.


The formicarium has one water reservoir localized on the rear bottom; it has two small round tunnels to allow convenient access from the back. This unit requires very little water. The water chambers control the humidity depending on the frequency and quantity of water added; the gray substrate changes tone or coloration depending on the moisture level, ranging from a clear whitish gray to a darker tone. Therefore, it is best to add water on a planned schedule; for example, add 1mL of water every five days to one side only; see further instructions below.


For filming and photography, we recommend using a diffused light source on the side glass; on the image gallery, you can see a Speedlite flash head standing behind the nest, with the diffuser and bounce card extended right above the nest.


Why is gray a good colour for photography? A gray background will look different depending on how much light hits it and the direction in which it is hit. With minimal effort, you can turn a gray backdrop into white, black, or pretty much any colour you can imagine; gray is a chameleon of sorts; gray has no predominant "hue," being true neutral like white or black. True neutrals are neither warm nor cool and have no temperature or “colour cast.” 

The Mini Cave 2.0 Ant Formicarium

PriceFrom C$36.20
  • Dimensions: The body block measures 75x25x25 mm (LxWxH), and each removable glass measures 75x25 mm.


    Tubing compatibility:  two ports on opposite sides for a diameter of 9.5mm (3/8") vinyl tubing.


    Weight: 50 grams approximately. 

  • The Mini Cave 2.0 formicarium has one GEN 3 hydration chamber that works with a direct hydration mechanism.


    **Please read the "Formicarium Hydration Guide" before first use. 


    **Please read more about the "Hybrid formicaria generations and classes." to help you properly use the equipment by understanding the logic behind hybrid formicaria.

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