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Turn any container into a perfect outworld with this handy part. However, making perfect holes on plastic surfaces to fit vinyl tubing that is not too loose, not too tight, and without any small gaps is not the most straightforward task for the DIY ant keeper. 


With this Tubing Dual-Port, you can turn a ragged hole into a perfect fit for both 9.5mm (3/8") and 12.7 (1/2") mm vinyl tubing at the same time, yes, the port allows you to fit both sizes at once.


It can be installed on walls up to 3 mm thick and requires a hole measuring 16m (5/8") up to 20mm (3/4"). 


We made it with PLA Pro plastic. We use the same port on our plastic outworlds and the natural all-in-one cube.

The Tubing Dual-Port

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