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Step into a world where the gothic meets the vivacious with ZombieGrasp - Gothic Enclosure Hands. With their eerie, undead charm, these mounts provide an extraordinary platform and secluded space within your arboreal enclosure, striking a chord with the essence of the Gothic and the intrigue of the natural world.


Eerie Single Hand

A lone ZombieGrasp hand extends into your spider’s realm, offering a peculiar perch or a support for light enclosure decor. It's a conversation piece, adding a sense of mystery and an unexpected twist to the environment. Measuring 45mm at its longest, this hand is both functional and a macabre delight.


Twin Hands for a Haunting Hideaway

The paired ZombieGrasp hands create an uncanny hide, evoking images of zombies clawing from the great beyond. Also, measuring 45mm at its longest, they are perfect for holding petite plants or decorations and enhance the spooky ambiance of your enclosure.


Secure Installation

While each ZombieGrasp comes equipped with a magnet for easy placement, we understand the need for permanence. Feel free to reinforce the position of these hands with a spider-safe adhesive, ensuring that they stay exactly where you desire, just like relics from a gothic tale frozen in time.


**Scampbell's original "Creepy Reaching Hand" design is available on Thingiverse (thing:1524972) under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

ZombieGrasp - Gothic Enclosure Hands

PriceFrom C$6.00
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