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Sponsors and Partners

Thanks to all our sponsors and business partners who have helped along the way and continue supporting our business. Please take a moment to visit their websites.

Canada Ant Colony - is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario; they provide a wide variety of ant colonies, ant farms, and ant-keeping supplies. You can find our merchandise in their online shop.

Canada ant colony logo

Ants U.K. - is the longest-running U.K.-based ant store, supplying ant colonies since the late 1990s and selling ants online since 2006. You can find our merchandise in their online shop.

Ants UK Logo

Ant Holleufer - is a YouTuber who strives to showcase the exciting life of an ant through vlogs, DIYs, unboxings and reviews. His primary focus revolves around his colonies! Holleufer uses some of our equipment.

Ant Holleufer Logo

Formicast Podcast - Formicast is a pioneering podcast dedicated to the fascinating world of ant keeping inspired by the intricate world of ants.

FormiCast Logo
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