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Phidippus Regius, affectionately known as the Regal Jumping Spider, is native to the warm climates of the southeastern U.S. Regals are celebrated for their inquisitive nature and friendly demeanour, making them fascinating companions.


Our rearing program is conducted in-house; we raise our spiderlings with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each individual is healthy, active, and ready for their new home.


While we can't refresh the genetic pool with local captures as with the Audax species, we take extra care to source from reputable breeders and businesses. Our parent Regals are selected imports from the USA and locally trusted sources, ensuring genetic diversity and vitality in each generation.


When possible, we offer a range of sizes; guidelines are measured from the tip of the cephalothorax to the end of the abdomen (body length):


Spiderling i5/i6: These are young spiders, usually in their 5th or 6th instar. They are typically about 1/4" (5-7 mm) in body length.

Sub-Adult i7/i8: Unsexed, approaching maturity, these spiders could range from 5/8" to just under 3/4" (16-18 mm) in body length for males and up to 3/4" (19 mm) for females.

Sub-Adult Male: Sexed

Sub-Adult Female: Sexed

Male Adult: Fully mature males are typically smaller than females, with body lengths of about 1/2"to about 3/4" (13-18 mm) in body length.

Female Adult: The largest of the options, adult females can measure 3/4" to nearly 7/8" (19-22 mm) in body length.


These regal pets can thrive in your care with minimal maintenance, making them ideal for novices and experienced enthusiasts. Dive into our Learning Centre for comprehensive advice on feeding, housing, and care to ensure your Regal Jumping Spider flourishes under your guardianship.


Live spiders ONLY SHIP within CANADA.

Phidippus Regius (Regal Jumping Spider)

PriceFrom C$50.00
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