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Introducing the FormiProtein Basic Kit, an exceptional bundle designed to satisfy your ants' protein needs effortlessly! This money-saving kit combines the practical 5mL Moat Style Liquid Feeder with our cutting-edge FormiProtein supplement. Together, these two products offer an efficient way to provide high-quality protein, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids to your ant colony or queen ant.


The 5mL Moat Style Liquid Feeder features a wide round design with 16 feeding tunnels for effective fluid distribution, making it ideal for both thick and runny liquids. This versatile feeder comes with an optional elevated platform for added convenience in crowded or small spaces. The standard thread ensures compatibility with other readily available glass jars, making it a wise choice for any ant keeper.


FormiProtein, on the other hand, is a hassle-free solution designed to supplement your ants' regular feeding routine. Packed with high-quality protein derived primarily from dried black soldier fly larvae and salmon fish, this nutritious powder can be used in various forms, including a paste or liquid solution.


Each 16.67-gram packet comes with a measuring scoop and provides up to 30 feedings when used with our 5mL liquid feeders (diluted with water). FormiProtein is perfect for those times when fresh insects are unavailable or when you need an easy-to-serve protein boost for your ants.


To use the FormiProtein Basic Kit, simply mix the FormiProtein powder with warm water using the included scoop, shake well, and serve it through the 5mL Moat Style Liquid Feeder. You can also customize the consistency of the paste by adjusting the water-to-powder ratio according to your colony's needs.


While FormiProtein is an excellent supplement to your ants' diet, it is important to remember that no single commercially formulated product can provide a well-rounded, nutritious diet for long-term sustenance. A diverse range of food sources, particularly natural protein, is essential for optimal ant colony health and brood development.


Please visit each product page for further instructions and details on the Moat Style Liquid Feeder and FormiProtein supplement prior to use. There, you will find essential information that will ensure you get the most out of your FormiProtein Basic Kit.


Order the FormiProtein Basic Kit now and enjoy the convenience and ease of providing your ants with a delicious and nutritious protein source. Currently available for shipping within Canada only, this kit is a must-have addition to your ant-keeping essentials. Don't miss the opportunity to delight your tiny companions and support their healthy growth! Make sure to give your ants the best with the FormiProtein Basic Kit and watch them thrive!

FormiProtein - Basic Kit

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