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Camponotus discolor is a species of caroenter ant that belongs to the genus Camponotus, also known as Carpenter ants. They are native to North America, specifically the east coast of the United States. These ants are known for their large size and distinct black and red coloration.


Worker ants of Camponotus discolor can reach sizes of up to 12 mm in length, while the queen can be up to 18mm long. The workers are mostly black with red markings on their thorax and gaster. The queen is also black but with a more extensive red gaster.


Camponotus discolor ants are considered to be generalist foragers, meaning they will eat a wide variety of food sources. They are known to feed on nectar, fruit, and other sugary substances, as well as small insects and other invertebrates.


These ants are known to nest in rotting wood, stumps, logs, and other natural cavities. They are considered to be a polydomous species, meaning they have multiple nests and foraging areas. They can also nest in man-made structures, such as buildings and houses, that have wood rot or other moisture issues.


Camponotus discolor ants are known to have a relatively long developmental time, with colonies taking several years to mature. They have a relatively low reproductive rate, with the queen laying only a few eggs per day. They are known to have a relatively low population density, with colonies typically having only a few hundred workers.


Camponotus discolor ants are considered to be a good species for ant keeping as pets, but they may require more maintenance and care than other ant species. They need specific humidity, temperature, and diet conditions to thrive. A temperature range of around 21-26 degrees Celsius (70-78 degrees Fahrenheit) and a humidity range of around 30-50% is ideal for them. They also require a protein source in their diet, such as crickets, mealworms, or other small insects, along with sugar water or honey.


Overall, Camponotus discolor ants are an interesting and unique species that can make for a rewarding pet for ant keepers. They are known for their large size and striking coloration, and they can provide hours of observation and entertainment with proper care.

Camponotus Discolor (Carpenter Ant)

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