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This formicarium features a plastic/hybrid frame and an innovative hydration chamber system; the patterns resemble the more "classic" rounded chamber style found on other formicaria; it has deep long, medium and short chambers to accommodate most species and a very texturized surface that provides grip to ants.


This formicarium features the same internal sealed water chamber as our "Honeycell formicarium" due to the sealed chamber; it can stand vertical, horizontal or slanted with our "Formicarium Stand."


The formicarium includes two plugs, the light protection option of your choice as well as an optional stand.


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Classic Hybrid Formicarium

PriceFrom C$45.97
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 2.5 cm +/- 3% .


    Tubing compatibility: Features on each bottom side a hole to fit approximately 9.5 mm (3/8-inch) tubing. 


    Weight: 180 grams +/- 3%

  • The Classic Hybrid Formicarium has a GEN 1 hydration chamber that works as a direct hydration mechanism.


    **Please read the "Formicarium Hydration Guidebefore first use. 


    **Please read more about the "Hybrid formicaria generations and classes." to help you properly use the equipment by understanding the logic behind hybrid formicaria.

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