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This double glass hybrid formicarium features one of nature's most space-efficient shapes: the honeycell pattern (hexagonal). 


The honeycell formicarium can hold many ants in a tiny space with an incredible view. In addition, each hexagon can hold 12 to 32 mid-sized ant species if they get very close and tight. This unit is incredibly efficient at holding a large colony in a small space. 


Being able to hold a large colony in such a small formicarium makes it an elegant choice for any desk or display area. 


Conclusion; this nest is ideal for a mature or large colony. 


Why are Hexagons so common in nature? 

Mathematically, the hexagon has six sides. If we do hexagonal tessellation on a euclidian plane, it turns out that the shape best fills the plane with equal size units and leaves no wasted space using the least total perimeter! WOW.


Add-on options include a see-through red film cut-out and black plastic lids for both the rear and front panels. Helpful if you desire to diminish exposure to light sources. The plastic lids can stand against the unit glass. The red films can be attached with s a tiny piece of clear tape onto the plastic frame.


We recommend a vertical position or a slight back angle using our "Formicarium Stand" click here.


Don't forget to add an "outworld (foraging area)"; click on the category page to see options. 


Add this piece of art to your cart today!

Honeycell Formicarium

PriceFrom C$58.06
  • Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 2.5 cm +/- 3%.


    Tubing compatibility:  9.5 mm (3/8") or 12.7 mm (1/2") tubing. 


    Weight: 180 grams +/- 3%.


    This nest should stand vertically or at a 45º incline (with a stand). We do not recommend laying it flat on the rear glass as this will reduce the efficiency of the hydration system. However, the stand can be convenient in cases with a higher risk of tipping the unit over. 


    Avoid intense vibrations or impacts, as this can crack the substrate and glass.

  • The Honeycell has a GEN 1 hydration chamber, such works with a direct hydration mechanism.


    **Please read the "Formicarium Hydration Guide" before first use. 


    **Please read more about the "Hybrid formicaria generations and classes." to help you properly use the equipment by understanding the logic behind hybrid formicaria.

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