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This Feeding Accessory Kit includes the following accessories for your feeding routine:


1 x 5ml liquid feeder (FormiFeeder)

1 x 10ml liquid feeder (FormiFeeder)

1 x 15ml liquid feeder (FormiFeeder)

4 x Feeding dishes with handle

1 x  Deep dish

1 x Elevated dish

1 x Plastic Tweezers

1 x 3ml pipette


TIP for liquid feeders: if you are having a hard time not spilling liquids after filling and turning around (requires a quick steady flip), put a thin circle of cotton on the inside of the feeder enough to cover up the feeding tunnels when you screw the jar in, its edge should press just slightly against the cotton, this will make it easy to turn over without spills and also will prevent ants from entering the glass jar when empty, ants will enter the tunnel encounter a cotton wall soaked with liquid instead of unrestricted access inside, we recommend using this method at all times as it is safer and renews clean cotton each fills up. 


Kit shipping weight: 65 grams.

Feeding Accessory Kit

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