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These jars connect to the 15mm round ports at the rear wall's bottom and top of the arboreal glass towers, the Duo & Tri spider enclosures and ant-keeping vinyl ports.—ideal for feeding & watering your little friends.


Our spider enclosure ports fit the silicone fitting directly. For use in 9.5mm (3/8") or 12.7mm (1/2") and keeping equipment vinyl tube ports, all you have to do is insert a small piece of vinyl into the silicone fitting, as shown in one of the photos in the gallery.




For Spider keepers:


The top port of the Arboreal towers and Duo & Tri spider enclosures are ideal for a hydration jar; such provides drinking water and humidity to the enclosure. Fill a jar with distilled water, pack with loose cotton the inside of the silicone fitting, insert into the jar and then insert the jar into the port. The cotton will wick the water and slowly evaporate as needed. This method is ideal for small spiderlings; they could drown in water mist droplets, and the hydration jar adds another level of safety or an additional water source.


TIP: a small portion of very loose cotton fibres inserted in the silicone fitting will get more soaked or moist vs a very tight amount. If you want the jar to provide drinking water and evaporate as much as possible, use the least amount of cotton while preventing leakage.


The top port in any of the spider enclosures is also ideal for introducing small feeder insects either with tweezers or by using a jar loaded with a handful of pinhead crickets, mealworms or fruit flies; the fruit fly culture kit lids for mason jars allow placing a handful of flies inside the jar with ease which can then connect to the port for accessible introduction into the enclosure, these methods keep flies from escaping all over the place.


The bottom port will depend on your setup, in many cases it will be covered by substrate, and such a port can be used to wet the substrate directly. On the other hand, in the arboreal glass towers, the bottom port will be exposed, thus allowing such for hydration or feeding jar uses. This is why our spider enclosures offer two tubing ports to allow flexibility and options aside from removing lids or latches.




For ant-keepers:


You can connect a 9,5mm vinyl tube to a loaded jar (into the silicone fitting)., so this can, in turn, connect to an outworld or formicarium tubing port to offer a drinking station (plug vinyl tip with cotton) or to introduce fresh live flies; ants will go hunting for them. Please note that a 12,7mm tube can connect to a 9,5mm tube if a bigger diameter is required. 


You can read more about this on our "Fruit fly culture kit lid system" the silicone fitting matches the growing lid for easy extraction of flies and refilling the jar.




Each jar includes a silicone fitting, a small vinyl tubing (9.5mm) to reduce internal diameter (applicable with flies to slow their exit), and a plastic cap for closing the contents.

Feeding & Watering Jars

PriceFrom C$3.62
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