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We have mashed up two of our favourite products; the Jumbo formicarium and the mini glass outworld! We just had to shrink the Jumbo a tiny bit to create this elegant all-in-one ant formicarium!


It is ideal for a young ant colony needing a small space and foraging area; its compact nature makes it very practical and easy to use; no need for tubing between the outdoors and nest; best of all very space efficient; modular and expandable, multiple units can be stacked side by side.


Like its bigger brother, the nest features a hydration chamber at the top center and an all-rounded inner nesting chamber with a porous textured interior that provides an ideal substrate. The design of the chamber and how the glass sits on it allow for excellent visibility, and when you put two or more of them together, the glass seems to keep extending. 


In the summer of 2022, we updated the product to have dual lids with a removable plastic fine grid (0.3mm pores) and horizontal flat ledges to force the ants to walk upside down on a slippery barrier. You can quickly remove the mesh while preserving the ledge and depositing or removing food. The mesh on the lid and side wall allows for plenty of air exchange in the foraging area; keeping humidity as low as possible creates a dry area that prevents ants from digging or attempting to nest there.


It is recommended to use a thick escape barrier (similar to "petroleum jelly") on all contact areas of the top lid to ensure a perfect seal and lubricate the parts. Also, use your preferred escape barrier method, like jelly, oil or fluon, on the top edge of each inside wall and the internal flat surface of the lid and around the mesh on each side wall.


The formicarium includes three plugs, an optional accessory pack with various valuable items and the light protection option of your choice. 


The red film is a 0.36 mm thick light transmission film, a perfect choice to protect from natural light; it only allows red light to pass, and you can see into the formicarium without touching it, furthermore is an economical, excellent-looking, easy way to keep your ants in low light conditions. 


The black plastic lid is a black matte 3D printed plastic cover, with the exact cutout as the red film, but 1 mm thick and with a small handle at the center to lift easily. A great option to offer complete darkness, which ants love; the only downside is the vibrations you may produce while trying to remove the lid whenever you want to see inside and the drastic change in light every time you uncover it, be gentle to avoid this. 


The "Accessories pack" includes the following items:


1 - Liquid feeder tower-style 5mL (fits inside the mini glass outworld)

1 - Plastic tweezer

1 - Plastic pipette

2 - Feeding dishes with a handle

4 - Nano dishes

20 cm of 9.5mm vinyl tubing


*** This product does not ship with "Substrate" (loose sand for the outworld) to the USA; no soil or earth of any kind is allowed into the United States. Please select the option "Not Included (Ship to USA)" if you wish to ship to the USA.

Mini Jumbo - All in one ant formicarium

PriceFrom C$45.01
  • Dimensions: 13 x 5 x 5 cm +/- 3% 


    Tubing compatibility: the nesting area has two opposite vinyl tubing ports for 9.5mm (3/8"). The outworld on the rear wall has one port of the same diameter. 


    Weight: 150 grams +/- 3%


    Avoid intense vibrations or impacts as this can crack the substrate and glass.

  • The Mini Jumbo has a GEN 2 hydration chamber, such works with a direct hydration mechanism.


    **Please read the "Formicarium Hydration Guide" before first use. 


    **Please read more about the "Hybrid formicaria generations and classes." to help you properly use the equipment by understanding the logic behind hybrid formicaria.

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