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This multi-chambered hybrid formicarium has multiple-length-sized chambers and two hydration chambers along the middle. The distribution of the chambers allows colonies to have different options for space. Water travels from the middle to the sides, each hydration chamber corresponds to one side further allowing to control the humidity gradient. 


The texturized interior provides an ideal substrate and enables ants to use all the available space to cling to walls easily. This formicarium is perfect for colonies in need of ample space.


Each chamber or section measures 24 mm depth by 16 mm wide, and its length varies; it can house a great diversity of species.


You can add on a pre-cut high-light transmission red film or a black plastic lid.


You can read more about the difference between light protection options here. 


Combined with an outworld area, you have a modest-sized setup.

Multi-chambered Hybrid Formicarium

PriceFrom C$65.32
  • Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 3 cm +/- 3% 


    Tubing ports: on four corners 9.5 mm (3/8") or 12.7 mm (1/2") for vinyl tubing.


    Weight: 440 grams. +/- 10%


    NOTE > As this is a rather large formciairum; for high humidity species, the substrate hydration process can be kick-started and sped up by adding, 24 hours before use, 1 to 5 ml of distilled water throughout the bottom of a few internal chambers, put the glass back in place and fill water chambers.


    Handle with care and prevent vibrations or impacts as such can fracture the substrate and glass.

  • The Multi-chambered hybrid formicarium has two GEN 2 hydration chambers that with a direct hydration mechanism.


    **Please read the "Formicarium Hydration Guide" before first use. 


    **Please read more about the "Hybrid formicaria generations and classes." to help you properly use the equipment by understanding the logic behind hybrid formicaria.

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