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On this product page, you can order an add-on, replacement or complimentary red film and/or black plastic lid for your formicarium. 


Light protections options are either or both:


The red film cut out is a 0.36 mm thick light transmission film, a very good choice to protect from natural light, it only allows red light to pass, you can see into the formicarium without touching it, furthermore, its an economical nice looking easy way to keep your ants in low light conditions. 


The black plastic lid is a black matte 3D printed plastic lid, with the same cutout as the red film, but 1 mm thick and with a small handle at the center to lift easily. A great option to offer complete darkness which ants love, the only downside is the vibrations you may produce while trying to remove the lid every time you want to see inside as well as the drastic change in light every time you remove it, so be gentle. 


The black plastic lid outlasts the red film, the red film can scratch easily so please use a soft cloth to clean it, the black plastic lid is way more durable than the red film although the red film is less expensive to replace. 


The red film ships with a protective clear matte film that should be removed on both sides before use, this is to prevent scratches and fingerprints while handling.


You can use both styles simultaneously as the red film fits perfectly between the glass and the black plastic lid. 


The formicaria that stand vertically use a  lip on the plastic lid either at the bottom or top to stay put in place. The red film will need a small piece of tape to attach to the formicarium frame to stay in place. 


Whether you leave your colonies in the dark or exposed to light, please ensure they are not in direct sunlight. Ants can become adjusted to being exposed to regular lights in your home, but if given a choice, they will likely prefer being in the dark. Since we are always trying to please our little friends, light protection should be one of the things to consider when keeping your colony.


Light Protection Options

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