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This is a special edition of our "Test tube array formicarium." There is a completely unrestricted view of the port inside tunnels that holds the test tubes in place, removable black-out plastic covers, test tube inserts and water refillable. 


We added a glass window that shows the entrance of three test tubes; it's thinner, streamlined the design and can be connected in series side to side, creating an easy-to-expand array setup. For example, if one tube "goes bad," you could swap just that one tube; if you had two arrays in series, that would mean a total of 6 test tubes.


Each tube in your setup can have a specific function. For example, pair the following three tubes; one for the main chamber with a standard short insert and a long cotton keeper to hold the most water, the second tube with a longer insert and refillable water hole / and the third tube with a long plain plastic insert (used in the culture tube design), to create a dry area and perhaps apply a heating cable. The described test tube setup gives a colony of ants a gradient from wet to dry and heat to only certain areas while everything is in clear view. 


Alternatively, you can buy a kit version of this array bundled with a glass outworld and some ant-keeping accessories. 


Each test tube has a watering hole at the back, allowing you to control the humidity levels on each tube; you can choose where to have more or less humidity as needed. We suggest always having at least one dry tube in the setup so your colony has a humidity gradient to choose from.


Due to the hole on the back, test tubes are not able to hold full level water capacity compared to a traditional test tube; water would flood into the insert area if filled too much; this is due to the lack of negative pressure; we recommend using crushed vermiculite or perlite to fill the water reservoir space, therefore increasing its capacity to hold more water and for more extended periods, each tube comes already prefilled with perlite and cotton in place, you can buy more perlite here, photos show examples of this, when injecting water please do so slowly and carefully observing for saturation on the cotton, the goal is to add enough water but avoid flooding the insert underside. 


The original "Test Tube Array Formicarium" can still be purchased and is in production. Such can be made to fit 2, 3 or 4 test tubes. All 16mm test tube setups are compatible with both designs.


Approximate weight: 95 grams.

Test Tube Array Formicarium - Window edition

PriceFrom C$39.76
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