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This starter kit bundles the Test Tube Array Formicarium - Window edition with three glass outworld options and essential feeding accessories. 


Please visit the product page of the Test Tube Array Formicarium - Window edition to learn more about it.


Photos above show the array used with a mini glass outworld; this tiny array can hold lots of ants when all 3 test tubes are populated. Hence, we also offer medium and larger glass outworld bundles. 


The glass outworld uses a steel woven wire mesh on the lid for ventilation. The kit uses 9.5mm (3/8") tubing.


*** This product does not ship with "Substrate" to the USA; no soil or earth of any kind is allowed into the United States and some other countries. Please select the option "Not Included (Ship to USA)" if you wish to ship to the USA. 

Test Tube Array Window Kit

PriceFrom C$74.37
  • Kit includes:


    1 - Test Tube Array Formicarium - Window edition, three tubes with sanded inserts and black plastic covers. 

    20 cms of vinyl tubing

    2 - feeding dishes with handle

    4 - nano dishes

    1-liquid feeder tower-style with 5mL jar

    1 - Pipette 

    1 - plastic tweezers

    1 - glass outworld size depends on your selected option

     4 - vinyl plugs (or more for medium and large outworld)

    30, 80 or 100 grams of sanitized sand substrate (Except if shipping to the USA), depending on the outworld bundle option. 


    Glass outworlds specifications:


    8 x 5 x 5 cm, (Length, Depth, Height)

    Outworld - 75 grams

    Substrate - 30 grams


    12 x 10 x 8 cm, (Length, Depth, Height)

    Outworld - 172 grams

    Substrate - 80 grams


    16 x 10 x 8 cm, (Length, Depth, Height)

    Outworld - 230 grams

    Substrate - 106 grams

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