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The test tube port - window version is the central connection part used on the window edition - test tube array formicarium


You can buy the part independently and customize it with 16mm test tubes and accessories from our shop.


Key differences vs the original all-plastic test tube port:


  • The overall size of the port is much smaller and more refined.
  • It has clear glass on the front exposing the inside tunnels for complete visibility.
  • The back tube support or stand is much smaller and easier to use. 
  • Tubing openings are located on both sides, making the port easier to expand sideways. 
  • The tube openings have a rounded edge, making the insertion of the fitting much more accessible and secure. (the original all-plastic design has also received the update). 


Of course, the old port has its benefits; for example, it can fit two, three or four tubes; being all-plastic makes it more rugged and easier to clean; connection orientation may be better for specific setups etc. 


The window edition test tube port includes; a three-port array with glass, three silicone fittings for 16mm test tubes, two nest plugs for 9.5mm or 12.7 vinyl tubing based on your choice, and a rear stand for 16mm tubes.


Alternatively, you can add light protection, including a combination of a front glass plastic cover and three long black jackets 100mm long to cover 16mm diameter tubes. 


Approximate weight: 25 grams. 

Test Tube Port - Window Version

PriceFrom C$11.76
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