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Rings are super practical and straightforward; we use them to display test tubes and avoid rolling our pet, which can cause stress. Our test tube racks and displays also serve this function.


"Size" options for test tubes with 15, 16, 18 or 20 mm outside diameter. 


Two "Height" options:


Short, it elevates the tube approximately 2 mm above ground and fits inside our red film array boxes. 


Tall, elevates the tube **4 mm above ground, allowing space for heating cables to pass under it, and lines it up with our outworlds and formicaria, so the tubing is around the same height.


 **Note; the taller version positions a 15/16 mm (diameter) test tube right at the entrance height found in our outworlds and larger formicaria; for an 18/20 mm test tube, a short ring is better to achieve a similar height placement.


They are manufactured with white PLA PRO plastic.


**The price is per single ring. 

White Test Tube Ring

PriceFrom C$0.86
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