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Discover the perfect treat for your tiny critters with our Tiny Titans Mealworm Tub! Specially curated for small ant colonies and juvenile jumping spiders, our mealworms come in tailored sizes to meet the unique needs of your delicate pets.


Tiny Mealworms (4mm to 12mm long): These are ideal for petite pets, such as juvenile jumping spiders and budding ant colonies. They easily fit inside test tubes and nano-feeding stations, making them versatile for various small-scale critters.


To ensure safe and manageable feeding, mealworms should be no larger than double the body length of your tiny spiderlings and jumping spiders.


Each tub contains at least 25 live mealworms of the species Tenebrio molitor, also known as the yellow mealworm beetle. Packaged in a tiny plastic tub with ventilation holes and with wheat bran bedding making, our Tiny Titans offer a safe and manageable feeding solution.


Availability and Shipping: This live product can only be shipped within Canada, ensuring you receive the freshest and most active mealworms at your door.


Why Choose Us? Finding the right size mealworms for tiny jumping spiders can be challenging in local pet stores, and sometimes, you don't need to buy too many at once. Our Tiny Titans provide a convenient and specialized solution, bringing this hard-to-find size directly to you. Sourced with care to ensure the highest quality, our mealworms eliminate the hassle and ensure your pets thrive.


Storage and Care: Store the mealworms in a cool, dry place for optimal freshness and ensure the tub is sealed after each use. If you place the worms in a refrigerator at 7-10°C (45-50°F), they will go dormant, extending their usability to 6-10 weeks. Without refrigeration, they will metamorphose into pupae or die. Remove the mealworms from the fridge once a week for 24 hours to feed them at room temperature, then return them to the fridge.


Complement your purchase with our range of specialized feeding tools and habitats designed to enhance the care and maintenance of your small-scale critters.

Tiny Titans - Mealworm Tub

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