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Welcome to the ultimate vertical experience with the ArachnoShroom - Wall Park + Hide, where your jumping spider’s natural agility and curiosity meet innovative design, offering a multi-layered playground that mimics the varied surfaces of a forest canopy.


Select between two size options.

Small: measuring 70mm tall by 57mm wide and 32 mm deep. 

Large: measuring 100mm tall by 80mm wide and 46 mm deep.


Engaging Multi-Level Play Area

The ArachnoShroom is not just a structure; it's a full-fledged activity center. Its tiered shelves encourage your spider to climb, jump, and explore, providing much-needed exercise and stimulation. The varying shelf sizes cater to all kinds of daring maneuvers, making it a fun and functional addition to any enclosure.


Secluded Hideaway for Rest

Nestled within the design of the Wall Park is a Hide, a cozy spot for your spider to retreat to after a day of activity, offering privacy and security.


Aesthetic and Practical

The ArachnoShroom - Wall Park + Hide is crafted not only for its functionality but also to be a visually appealing piece that enhances the look of your enclosure. Its clean, white structure stands out, creating a striking contrast and focal point within the habitat.


Secure Installation

For peace of mind, the small ArachnoShroom includes one magnet for easy attachment, and the large option includes two. We recommend additional securing with a spider-safe adhesive to ensure a permanent and stable setup.


**Spuzzle's original "The Megashroom" design is available on Thingiverse (thing:6051914) under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

ArachnoShroom - Wall Park + Hide

PriceFrom C$10.00
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