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You have 80 Wriggles

Redeem your points for rewards and place your first order.

Get 100 Wriggles for each friend you refer

Get special perks for you and your friends

1. Give your friends 80 Wriggles.
2. Get 100 Wriggles for each friend who places an order.

Welcome to 'Refer Your Friends,' our exclusive referral program at Por Amor Art, designed for our devoted community of ant and spider-keeping enthusiasts. By inviting your friends to explore our shop and try our products, you're not just sharing your passion for invertebrate care; you're also earning rewards. For every friend who places their first store order, you'll receive 100 wriggles, while your friends are rewarded with 80 wriggles to kickstart their journey. Visit the "Reward Hub" to learn more about Wriggless and our loyalty program. Start sharing your personalized referral link today and enjoy the rewards of your generosity. 

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