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The ArachnoHoop - Airplant Mount is an innovative accessory for enhancing your jumping spider’s arboreal home. It is a sleek and minimalist solution for adding air plants or various items to your terrarium or enclosure.


Versatile by Design

While the ArachnoHoop is ideal for displaying air plants, its use is not limited to just greenery. This versatile mount invites your creativity—hang ornaments, lightweight decorations, or any other small accessories that your pet might enjoy. The simplicity of the design is matched only by its versatility, encouraging you to personalize your spider's space to your heart's content.


Perfect Pairings

We recommend small-sized Tillandsia Ionantha Mexican for these mounts. Their compact base and rounded shape, coupled with a full spray of leaves, let them nestle beautifully into the ArachnoHoop. As they grow, these air plants maintain a balance of size, surfaces and form, ensuring your enclosure remains a visually appealing habitat.


Secure Installation:

The ArachnoHoop mounts feature integrated magnets for initial positioning within your enclosure. For a definitive setup, we recommend using the magnets to find the perfect spot and then permanently securing the mount with a small bead of spider-safe adhesive around the external magnet and the base that contacts the enclosure.


  • Single Magnet Mount: This is best for smaller plants and lighter decorations. A small drop of a spider-safe, removable adhesive is recommended for permanent placement.
  • Double Magnet Mount: This mount is ideal for larger or heavier air plants or when you prefer a longer arm length. It offers a firmer hold and easier adjustable angles and often does not need additional glue to remain in place safely.


Measure for Perfection

  • Inside Hoop Diameter: Choose from 16mm to 32mm to accommodate the base of your plant or decoration.
  • Arm Length: Options include 8mm, 16mm, 32mm, and 42mm, measuring from the inside of the hoop to the arm's edge.


Empower your creativity and enrich your jumping spider’s habitat with the ArachnoHoop - Airplant Mount, where the beauty of a natural ecosystem meets the ingenuity of design.

ArachnoHoop - Airplant Mount

PriceFrom C$4.00
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